Kevin F. Leonard, #1 Best Selling Author, Trusted Advisor, Organizational Design SME, CEO & Founder, is a highly acclaimed strategist and results leader in organizational performance. From executive teambuilding, strategy development & execution, to individualized coaching, performance improvement and Intelligent Organizational Design, Kevin has been incredibly successful in delivering results & measurable value to his clients in this critical environment. A skilled facilitator, leader, and catalyst for change, Kevin has built an impressive client list of great companies of varied size in most business sectors. Are you and your company his next success story.

Kevin F. Leonard


CEO And Principal Consultant

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ln "Ultimate Success" You Will Discover How To:

✔ Break the chains of mediocrity.

✔ Create meaningful differentials.

✔ Experience riches well beyond the constraints of money.

✔ Break the “SO WHAT” barrier.

✔ ​Blast beyond best practices.

✔ Achieve a life of Ultimate Success!


✔ Trusted Advisor

✔ Organizational Design SME

✔ Highly Acclaimed Strategist

✔ Results Leader In Organizational Performance

✔ Executive Teambuilding

✔ Strategy Development & Execution

✔ Individualized Coaching

✔ Performance Improvement And Intelligent Organizational Design

✔ Highly Sought After Keynote-Motivational Speaker

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