Emerald Bay Performance

The Executive Advantage

Business has never been more complex or volatile — top executives have more pressure amidst greater isolation. Boards, investors, colleagues and friends care, but they can’t be truly objective. The Executive Advantage partners have been there and understand the issues.

It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take specialized computer guided applications and equipment to align your business. It takes experience. Period. That experience begins with a deep understanding of Organizational/Operational Design and how it is applied to your business. The mechanics of this discipline is not something that a computer can teach you.

All of our executives are seasoned veterans and trained on the fundamentals and advanced application of their craft without the use of a computer program or “best practice” to hold their hands…or hold them back! They all learned without the constraints of an application or “system” that tells them when it is right. They are equipped with the tacit knowledge to know it is right. They learned from one of the best in the business Kevin F. Leonard. The Executive Advantage.

If you have a business, we can align it and tune it up for maximum performance. From sole proprietors, not for profits, to the Fortune 500; our clients are the leaders in most every field, they best their competition because the have a secret weapon; The Executive Advantage.

We offer highly confidential, selective help for leaders who want results. We draw on extensive business expertise and psychological acumen to deliver fast, objective and nonjudgmental advice that achieves rapid, long-lasting solutions.